Thursday, June 10, 2004

regular folks

From an AP story on local reaction to the G8 conference: Yahoo! News - Free Food Hurts G-8 Summit Restaurants:

Residents along Georgia's marshy coast spent months worrying about the potential for mayhem at the summit: violent protesters, terrorism, traffic snarls, you name it.

Now, people like Linda Mahoney are wondering what the big deal was.

'We got to meet a protester. She was really nice, a Christian,' said Mahoney, a St. Simons Island resident. . . .

But Mary Gatch said the summit hasn't been nearly as bad as she feared.

'I don't know what I thought they'd look like,' she said of the protesters. 'Orange hair, gays and lesbians arm-in-arm ... Your imagination runs away with you. But they look like regular folks.'
Man, that is just fucking sad.