Friday, June 04, 2004

control room

We'll see if this movie comes to Seattle. Meanwhile, Scott Lamb reports how apparently the current top brass in the US military are only interested in voices touting the glory and honor of war and US supremacy, not those reflecting an understanding of the moral conflicts: Arts & Entertainment | Muzzling a Marine.

The anecdote about Lt. Rushing (press officer) being implicitly accused of treason because he was "close to" an Al Jazeera journalist, seemed evocative of a mindset where its all right to treat certain people like animals. If any kind of reaching out, human to human, is slapped down, and only hyperpatriotism is rewarded, what chance do the vast majority of our military have? The fact is, most people are not mentally or emotionally equipped to stand up to a majority--or a vocal and confrontational minority. This we saw in the run up to war last year.