Friday, June 18, 2004

quick turnaround

BTW, on that last post, Reuters included response quotes from several 9/11 commission members refuting Rice's attempt to co-opt their meaning.

It used to be the White House could put out any sort of outrageous idea or so-called fact, and it would take several days (if ever) for someone to say "hey" in the media and show why the original statement was all wet. In the meantime, the original idea had seeped into everyone's head, and most people didn't see or didn't ingest the correction. (You know, like the idea that there was evidence that the White House was a 9/11 target.)

I haven't seen them do this much lately, partly because it stopped working long about July 2003 (when things stopped going so swimmingly in Iraq).

Nice to see Reuter's making its retort so swiftly and effectively.