Friday, June 04, 2004

kerry fact for the day--changes in defense priorities

From the Washington Post:

Some Kerry plan details:

"Sen. John F. Kerry said here Thursday that he would increase the active-duty Army by 40,000 soldiers, including a doubling of U.S. Special Forces; speed development of new technologies and equipment to meet threats posed by terrorist networks; and better integrate the National Guard into the nation's homeland security strategy."

"The Democratic presidential candidate said that, to cover part of the cost of his proposals, he would cut back current funding levels for a national missile defense system, which he characterized as 'the wrong priority' at a time when the nature of the threats has changed."

One way to improve voluntary recruiting is to improve the incentives. You know, kind of like in the real world. If a company wants to attract employees--they've gotta offer a decent package. Its not rocket science.