Monday, June 21, 2004

daily show

Kudos to Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard for showing up on what had to be a less than auspicious day to push his book about Iraq/Al Qaeda connections.

And big kudos to Stewart who didn't let him get away with one inch of crap!

And just a word in response to a Hayes remark about what I as a liberal will say if there's another major terrorist incident while Bush is still in office:

You're damned right I'll blame it on him.

Not because he was too squeamish to take whatever despicable action someone can think up to stop it. Because he spent OUR money on a needless war when it could have gone to our first responders and to pumping up our hidebound intelligence community, which everyone all along the political spectrum have been carping about for two bloody years.

And I will have the right to blame him because I and millions of others have been shouting exactly this message for those two bloody years.