Friday, June 25, 2004

dave ross for jennifer dunn's old seat

OK, Dave Ross has his web site up and running for business. Here's a snippet from the campaign letter he just sent out:
Listeners have asked me throughout my career - are you a liberal or a conservative, and what do you mean by "common sense?" I'll report - you decide:

  • I'm liberal enough to know that government has no business controlling any woman's reproductive choices.

  • I'm liberal enough to know that the burden of proof should be on those who pump waste into the air, not those of us who must breathe it.

  • I'm liberal enough to think that the richest nation on earth can provide a better safety net than Tent City.

  • I'm conservative enough to understand that it doesn't help national security to attack the wrong enemy.

  • I'm conservative enough to insist on an honest budget process that doesn't pretend war is free.

  • I'm conservative enough to know that Social Security is a promise that can't be replaced by a Wall Street gamble.