Sunday, June 27, 2004

hitler politics

I've been regularly amazed these past few months at the anti-Kerry/ant-Dem rhetoric coming from the Bushies and Repubs. So often it seems like the accusations against Dems are either real stretches or outright fabrications, but at the same time are almost perfect characterizations of the Bush Administration.

For example, the flip flop complaint. Virtually every specific example cited against Kerry can only be accepted using a willful misunderstanding of the facts. Such as expecting someone to have the same opinions about an issue twenty years apart. Or demanding that a person must vote either for all wars or against all wars, regardless of circumstances. In contrast, one of the Bush Administration's most notable characteristics has been to push and push their view and then buckle when public opinion coalesces on the opposite site. The past three years are rife with examples. Such as SEC reform after the Enron debacle--their initial stance was the "one bad apple" refrain (heard that lately?), insisting that the overall system was sound. Of course, that was before Global Crossing, Adelphia, and a host of others fell like dominos and the public started howling. Reform was coming, so the Bushies jumped on the bandwagon in order to garner a few kudos as well as drive the reform their way. Same scenario can be seen in the Homeland Security Dept inception, the 9/11 investigation, working with the UN over Iraq (a short-lived sidetrack), the Plame investigation, testifying before investigations, etc.

So now back to "hitler politics". This web ad with images of Hitler seems to fit the pattern. I mean, seriously, when you look at Kerry and look at Bush, which one's policies and methods better fit the pattern? Which one advocates unilateral action over diplomacy? Which one drums up support by hammering the "supremacy" of the American people? Which one believes its a good thing for the country's private citizens to spy and inform on each other? Which one thinks its ok to hold individuals in prison for years without representation, due process, or--in many cases--communication with their families? Which one boldly announces that they are above, not only international law, but the laws of their own country?

Is there some kind of disconnect here, that the Bushies can't see the irony in their accusations? Wasn't that a general Aryan characteristic--the inability to see themselves as others see them?

I think the Bushies better be careful. Once they open the hitler door, what makes them think only Repubs can walk through?