Tuesday, June 22, 2004

and speaking of the supreme court

Remember all that talk about Renquist and O'Connor wanting to make sure a Republican president picked their replacements? Well up till about a year ago, it looked like Bush was a shoe in for four more years, giving them plenty of time to pick their retirement dates. But these days that eventuality is looking like a 50-50 shot at best. What are their options now?

If one or both of them announce their retirement after the current session, it raises two questions:

1. What does that say about their confidence in Bush's reelectability? And does anyone really care what they think about his electability?

2. Logistically, how will the nominations play out in such a short time frame? If they announce in, say July, would it even be reasonable to expect a nomination, vetting, and confirmation to happen before the election? Would it be at all seemly to rush the process to make sure Bush gets his Supreme? Could the Dems in the Senate successfully delay the confirmation? And would they be willing to brave the inevitable slings and arrows from the Repubs?

I want to know!