Monday, June 07, 2004

liberal oasis wrong?

What a shocker. I'm always enlightened by LO's insight, and up to now have never dared to disagree. But at the end of Tuesday's post they make a prediction that Bush will ace the Reagan eulogy on Friday because he really needs to and, slacker that he is, he's really good at digging himself a hole and then doing something spectacular to pull himself out of it.

Being a full-blown slacker myself, I can't argue that that's a common pattern for us sluggards. (In fact we take quite a lot of pride in the heights we would have achieved if we weren't busy shooting ourselves in the foot every five minutes.)

But Bush hasn't been pulling off that ace lately. In fact, when was the last ace pulled off? Mission Accomplished looked like a ace for about ten minutes, but his bluff got called early, and it seems like he's been drawing deuces ever since. Remember last September's dud that sent his poll numbers plummeting? It took the Saddam capture to pull that one out. And this year his "if I could think of a mistake I'd own up to it" press conference? Seems like the closest he's come is lately is when his undocumented 9/11 testimony wasn't completely panned by the panel.