Thursday, September 09, 2004

that shadowy Kerry tax plan

Well what do you know--a well-balanced, well-informed AP story.

Bush has spent today warning people that Kerry's widely publicized plans to pay for his proposals are insuffucient--by Bush's calculations (always reliable of course!)--and therefore Kerry must be planning some secret tax hike: "If they want to hold back information until the people vote, you can bet it won't be good news for the taxpayers."

Too bad Bush continues to avoid any discussion of specifics on his side beyond vague utterings of improving American life. He certainly hasn't discussed any numbers. And based on his past performance, Bush has no problems whatsoever pushing through massive spending without making any plans for paying for it. You can bet that, unlike Kerry, Bush's plan won't involve revoking the tax break for the wealthy.

So what are we to do, other than listen to our leader: if he won't discuss finances before the election, you can bet it won't be good news for us taxpayers!

Actually, the Kerry camp is quite open about the fact that their plans aren't yet 100% paid for, but they're close. And Kerry has proven time and time again that he values fiscal responsiblity and absolutely is not interested in spending money without a plan. Remember that $87B? Nearly every attack the Bush people have leveled against Kerry regarding his Senate votes has revolved around Kerry being able to make tough decisions when it comes to budgets. This is in stark contrast to the Bush record--the Bush deficit.