Tuesday, September 14, 2004

kerry is our best iraq solution

Reading Molly Ivins this morning, I had a revelation.

Molly talks about how Kerry's difficulty in coming up with real effective solutions for Iraq is due the fact that our viable options continue to narrow with each passing day and each action by the Bush Administration.

[start soapbox mode]

Then I realized: the single most effective plan Kerry could and does have is to send Bush and his crowd of screw-ups packing. Virtually every major decision the Bush Administration has made with regard to Iraq has made the situation worse, not better. Perhaps if Bush had made any attempt to rectify errors, fired an incompetent staffer, even acknowledged a mistake or two, we might hold out some future hope for redemption from this crew. Alas, no. The one thing we can guarantee is that another Bush term will see a continuing downward spiral into catastrophe.

Therefore, the best thing we could do for ourselves and for Iraq is to run screaming in the opposite direction. Kerry has come up with a number of ideas for improving the situation (ideas for which this Bush camp can only weakly deride with the repellant "flip flop"), but he is chasing the tail of an exit strategy that gets more elusive and ethereal with every command Rumsfeld whispers into Bush's ear.

We can stop the downward spiral. We can give Kerry and his people the chance to work out a viable exit plan and implement it. We can wake up on November 3 and know that the world is already a little more sane.

[end soapbox mode]