Wednesday, September 22, 2004

how to win friends

It seems Bush's methods of begging the UN--that irrelevant, dying organization--for help in Iraq include claiming credit for other people's work: Politics

Not only does Bush claim credit for Kofi Anan's efforts with regard to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, he conveniently forgets the fact that US activity under his watch has done more to hurt the effort than help.

This is another case in which Bush is all talk and no action. Usually blowhards like Bush only have gall enough to make promises and then conveniently forget them. Bush--always pushing that gall (or is it bile?) envelope--comes back after the fact and solicits accolades, while mouthing more empty promises in the same breath.

(BTW, did anyone else notice the shifting AP and Reuters headlines? I could swear the first one I read this afternoon said "At UN, Bush Demands Assistance in Iraq". The later, something like "At UN, Bush Urges Aid for Iraq". And now its "Bush Urges World to Unite with Iraq". Huh.)