Thursday, September 02, 2004

evil personified

OK, I don't usually stoop to cheap shots, but this is just creepy:BuzzFlash News Analysis

Re Zell, I made a deliberate choice not to watch his speech, so I really can't comment. I certainly don't blame people for adjusting their political alignments to their beliefs--although I absolutely do hold them accountable for how they do it.

But I did see the Chris Matthews bit. It's too bad Zel misunderstood a question by Matthews. Matthews was asking him to acknowledge that his fiery rhetoric (i.e., Kerry will fight terrorism with spitballs) is on a par with Dem rhetoric that Repubs will let babies starve, etc. Zel somehow misheard and apparently thought Matthews was saying Zel had accused Kerry of that. I think.

It kind of ticked him off. After all, its one thing to have your actual lies held up for inspection, but to be accused of one you hadn't even uttered! That's really beyond the pale.

Actually, it was wholly obvious that Zell expected the worst from Matthews and had psyched himself up for it. So every word out of Matthews mouth got twisted up for him. Not to get all pop-psych or anything, but when I find my defensive hackles rising all out of proportion, that's a clue to me that--deep down--I know I'm in the wrong.