Thursday, September 09, 2004


The question of authenticity of the CBS documents is drawing a shitstorm today from the right. As far as I can tell their primary goal is to get an AP headline containing the phrase "possible forgery".

[Kind of makes you wonder what they'll do when they finally have to acknowledge that the docs are real--change their mind about Bush? Actually, they don't have to worry--certain types would far prefer to hang onto their conspiracy theories rather than face the pain of their errors.]

Personally, I think its one big waste of time for joe blow bloggers to be hashing this out right now. Wingers are going nuts speculating their what ifs based on a couple of uninformed opinions and no knowledge at all. The fact is that us average citizens, even those old enough to have logged some serious time on an IBM Selectric (brown beast), have long since segued to word processors and let that obsolete experience fall by the wayside. There will be a point very soon in which actual experts will address the issues, answer the questions and let us know their opinion one way or the other.

I'm willing to wait for that, rather than run around trying to refute wild allegations with my own ignorance. I have some confidence in their authenticity, mostly because CBS does. If we've learned one thing these past four years, its that you don't attack the Bush crowd and get away clean. Even if you do have all your ducks lined up, you're still in for their own special brand of shitstorm. So I'm assuming CBS had this authenticated six ways from Sunday until someone trustworthy tells me different.