Tuesday, September 28, 2004

cowering under the bed

It recently occurred to me that one of the reasons the Bush/Cheney team has so aggressively pushed the "Osama bombs for Kerry" line is this: they are absolutely terrified that a bombing will occur before the election. They know their only chance to thwart it is pure luck, and they know that, given a few days reflection, the American people will fix the blame squarely and accurately on them.

By placing a little advance blame on Kerry, they hope to muddy the issue and skate out from under.

They are like the lord of the manor who by day sashays around the village, wielding his wealth like a weapon, crushing people under his thumb of influence. Too cheap to invest in a decent alarm system, he cowers under his bed at night, certain that the inevitable fallout of his ill-will is sneaking up the back stairs.