Friday, September 10, 2004

bush discharge papers forged?

OMG, look. I was able to achieve a virtually perfect match to the Remarks section on GWBs discharge papers (minus a few paper-based imperfections). And I did (gulp!) on my WORD PROCESSOR!!!!! (And in less than an hour too--took me longer to figure out how to upload the pics for Blogger than to produce this forgery.)

Here's my version.

And here's the relevant section of the GWB discharge papers.

See the full document here.

For my forgery, I used the font Prestige12BT.
(For the redaction I just used a fat line--but for a print version I'd use my trusty magic marker, circa 2003, of course.)

UPDATE: Sorry--meant to mention that I just guessed on some of the unreadable letters, since I have no knowledge of military acronyms. But since this is fix-width fonts, all letters are the same width.