Tuesday, July 20, 2004

weekend blues

By the way, just got back from the annual Winthrop Rhythm & Blues festival, held in Winthrop, Washington--a hop, skip, and a four-hour drive from Seattle over the gorgeous North Cascades Highway. Sure was tough coming back to the petty carping of DC--somehow, politics didn't seem nearly so fun or intriguing as last week--just plain sad.
So to hang on to the moment a little longer, I'd like to put in a little plug for a couple of NW blueswomen who each put on a hell of show in Winthrop. Duffy Bishop is simply an amazing vocal talent who, luckily for us, chose to turn it on the blues.  She's also a terrific entertainer with a true sense of showmanship. Nicole Fournier is a hard-driving, low-down blues rocker with some of the best electric guitar work in the northwest. She's got a mouth on her, too, and puts on a rockin' show.
Another vocal act, John Nemeth, is all style and smooth talking. Nemeth does a wonderful rendition of an old Sonny Boy Williamson song, "Explain Yourself to Me". He also plays a mean harmonica.
[And for the fourth year in a row I have not won the guitar raffle--sigh.]