Sunday, July 25, 2004

Boston protest early coverage

Early AP coverage highlights a minor clash between anti-war and anti-abortion (pro-life) marches. See, it's all about conflict.

But here's a weird line:

"State police in riot gear lined Beacon Street during the anti-war march. A half-dozen cruisers and 18 police vans followed slowly along the parade route."

Only the anti-war march got riot-gear minders?

Is the essential wrongness of this idea obvious: that anti-war activists get treated like they're about to break into violence? Not to mention the fact that the only protest violence against people this country has experienced in the past decade has come from the anti-abortion fringe? Not to say that today's group deserved riot-gear treatment either, but really, if they're going to profile and go on past behavior, which group has the more serious track record?