Thursday, July 22, 2004

watching, not blogging

Hey, apparently I'm not feeling particularly vocal at the moment, but it doesn't mean I'm not paying attention.

I'm closely watching the coverage of both Berger and Plame developments. The Plame discussions, especially, appear to be reaching new lows in disingenuousness:

Because it turns out Plame answered a query from a colleague about her husband--and didn't run him down(!), escorted him to a meeting and introduced him around, that proves Wilson was lying through his teeth when he said she had no role in the matter? And that egregious lie now "debunks" every single thing Wilson has said over the past year? And because Wilson has been maliciously lying--with his wife's complicity--some Bushie is justified in outing Plame as a covert agent?

(And don't forget about all the belittling rumors swirling around about Plame designed to minimize the outrage of outing her: that she'd been a desk jockey for years, that everyone in DC knew she was covert CIA, that she had no sources to protect, etc., all of which are just made-up stories whose relationship with the truth, if any, is purely accidental.)

Re the Berger situation--I simply have no unique thoughts that aren't already out there in print.