Tuesday, July 20, 2004

christians can't be democrats?

Just been intermittently watching PBS's P.O.V. - Last Man Standing: Politics Texas Style and this quote caught me:

"I just don't understand how a Christian could be a Democrat." Said quite earnestly by a middleaged man at a community event.

I don't want to make some wild claims about who's more "Christlike", Dems or Repubs. That's a fools game.

But what in heaven's name does he think a Democrat is?

Update: OK, call me naive. About five minutes after first posting this, the word "commie" popped into my head. I get that to some people Democrat = Communist = godless Communist. I've been reading a friends novel, set in 1950's midwest, and discovering that many people tended to see social programs as some sort of communist plot to undermine healthy capitalist competition. And of course at that time, being Communist with a capital C meant repudiating religion.

So I suppose, if you were so inclined and also stuck in an outdated mentality, you might see Democrat's advocacy of social programs as a some kind of godless threat, even though to an impartial observer they might appear to come straight from the teachings of Christ.

But how--in heaven's name--are we supposed to work together?