Thursday, October 21, 2004

taking out zarqawi

Under the heading of yet more amazing issues the Kerry campaign isn't pushing: LiberalOasis notes that Kerry is finally pushing the "why didn't we take out Zarqawi when we had him?" question. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be listening. LO sort of suggests this might be another case of something that's common knowledge to the media (and news junkies) but to no one else.

But again, this matters. While the BCCI topic is good Kerry-character material, the Zarqawi fiasco is concrete and egregious. And it speaks to every criticism leveled at Bush with regard to Iraq and his cavalier attitude to his own "war on terror".

So here's the story to start talking up, folks. Get your facts and figures down, and start inserting the question in the discussion whenever you can. LO thinks that this little truth will shake that blind faith of average joes around the country. And LO is rarely wrong.

(Note: my "heading" was mostly just a joke--everybody's got a different opinion on what Kerry should be talking about, but there are only so many hours in the day and only one campaign manager!)