Thursday, October 14, 2004

most improved

From Early Debate Reactions: "In contrast to his first debate performance, Mr. Bush was smiling through most of the debate, said host Brit Hume, who described the president as comfortable, aggressive and more in command of his facts and figures than he had been in previous debates. 'It was the president who was most different in term of his performance and his command of his material,' he said."

Hume seems to be saying Bush won the "most improved" award. Remember in school? The Most Improved Student award always went to the underachiever who the teacher wanted to encourage. While we all might wish Bush might improve with regard to actual policy, I'm not interested in hanging my future on a goof-off.

And, within the context of the article, Hume's comment was apparently his justification for why he thinks Bush won the debate. He won because he changed the most? Wow. This about a man who prides himself on his constancy and refusal to change course even when the facts go against him. Who has built his entire campaign on falsely painting his opponent as one who changes too much?

Perhaps we should be grateful. It proves Bush can admit a mistake (albeit privately) and adjust accordingly.