Thursday, October 21, 2004

dirty tricksters

Josh Marshall has been keeping tabs on the story of Jim Tobin and the New Hampshire phone-jamming scandal. This story can't seem to break out of its low profile in spite of the big giant dots and the flourescent lines connecting them.

This matters. Tobin was fingered in the criminal investigation no later than July of this year. But the Bush-Cheney campaign, which employed Tobin as its New England regional director kept him in charge until mid-October, after his name was finally leaked to the public.

Couple this story with that of the group of Bush-Cheney staffers from South Dakota who, after resigning over questionable absentee ballot practices found positions in the Ohio branch of the campaign, and you have a picture of the GOP attitude toward dirty tricks. Far from eschewing practicioners, the GOP rewards and encourages them.

Isn't that worth an investigative reporter's time?