Monday, October 18, 2004

cnn on gore gets it right and wrong

In this short story on Al Gore's speech today: " - Gore: Bush purposely deceived public on Iraq", CNN gets one detail right, but makes two disappointing errors.

What CNN got right:

"He [Gore] delivered his remarks in strong but measured tones..." Hurray, at least one media outlet is finally refraining from characterizing the former VP and winner of the 2000 election as a deranged nut! Could the tide finally be turning in the media's hate-hate relationship with Gore? Too soon to tell. Unfortunately they followed it up with....

What CNN got wrong:

1. "He [Gore] delivered his remarks in strong but measured tones, avoiding the overheated passion that had marked several of his appearances earlier this year." Ouch! So close! As anyone knows who was paying attention to coverage of the Gore speech in May, the media almost uniformly characterized Gore's as a hopeless "rant" (one well-known pundit commented "it looks as if Al Gore has gone off his lithium again"), but utterly failed to produce any video to back up their characterizations. For more discussion on this instance of Gore-ing, see the here.

2. And apparently this story was written by someone who was not yet born in 2000: "Gore, who won the popular vote in 2000 but lost the electoral vote after a recount of ballots in Florida..." Of course, as anyone who was sentient in 2000 knows, Gore lost the presidency because the recount in Florida was HALTED--by the US Supreme Court. It is quite possible Gore would have won Florida--and the presidency--If a full recount had been allowed to proceed.