Tuesday, August 31, 2004

on winning against terror

Regarding whether Bush policies can win the war on terror, I've been thinking that Edwards needs to follow up his excellent riff on "catastrophic success" like this...

"President Bush has given us several different interpretations on what he meant when he said he thought the war on terror can't be won, all of them attempting to say that he didn't mean what he said. But I think there was a nugget of truth in his response. It has become painfully obvious that his approach to fighting terrorism is not the path to victory. So it it not surprising that, with his stubborn adherance to the same failing policies, President Bush is now beginning to doubt whether we will prevail. He has shown himself to be neither willing nor capable of adjusting to the reality on the ground. In contrast...."

This would nicely play into the whole optimism/pessimism dialog, and Kerry's stump message that "Bush says we're doing the best we can and its pesssimistic to say that American can't do better".

UPDATE: Turns out a Kerry spokesman had the same idea: "George Bush might be able to read a speech saying we can win the war on terror, but as we saw (Monday), he's clearly got real doubts about his ability to do so, and with good reason."