Sunday, August 29, 2004

bike against bush confiscated

Just saw a story by Ron Reagan (MSNBC) on an interview with Joshua Kinberg yesterday, during which he was arrested for "graffiti writing". Anyone who has gone to Kinberg's site knows that Kinberg uses his computerized bike to paint messages on the sidewalk--using the same biodegradable chalk used on athletic fields. But Reagan might end up being supoenaed in the case, because apparently the first street cops who showed up claim they saw him painting the messages, while Reagan was with him from before the police appeared. Oops.

Reagan portrays the arrest as a bit of keystone cop action--taking over an hour during which a sergeant was called followed by a captain. Its pretty much a no-brainer that the MSNBC presence had something to do with the careful arrest. [Its not surprising that police view the act of protest videotaping as "intimidation".]

Kinberg is out now, as are most of the bicyclers arrested Friday. But Kinberg's high-tech bike is sitting in an evidence locker somewhere, after getting a thorough going over by an NYPD bomb squad.