Tuesday, August 24, 2004

nader dogged by unreasonable threats?

I've avoided posting anything on Nader so far, in fact I pretty much avoid reading anything about him. I don't intend to vote for him, although I do support the concept of 3rd party candidates (I'd rather people vote for someone than not vote at all). Also, I think there's been a very deliberate blogosphere slime machine churning out rumors and innuendos for the past 4 months, which has really left me cold. Call me soft, but I'm with McCain on the subject of hardball politics: "Everything isn't politics."

Having said that, I had to laugh at this comment in todays WaPo: In Oregon, today's the Nader campaign deadline to turn in 15,000 signatures, and "it has accused local Democrats and union officials of threatening petition gatherers with jail time if they turn in names that prove fraudulent." So now this campaign is reduced to complaining that they're not being allowed to break the law without consequences. For those who think maybe jail time is too harsh a punishment for a few fake signatures, I say jail time is not too harsh for election fraud. Just look at the consequences of those actions.