Monday, May 10, 2004

what's the use in talk?

Josh Marshall has it pretty much right: the words get stuck in the throat--or in the wrist--about this Abu Graib torture situation.

I mean, really, what words can convey emotion more eloquently than those photos? Isn't universal condemnation a no-brainer? Sadly, it seems no (see Rush Limbaugh, et al, along with a host of people who seem to think this stuff is business as usual when you're fighting a war).

But incidents like these are always revealing. It's quite educational to get politicians' unvarnished reactions at the outset, before someone's figured out some acceptable damage control talking points.

Such as pointing out that the Iraqi's never apologized to us for defending their own country against invasion.

When we're willing to set the bar lower and lower to justify our past mistakes (such as installing a wrong-doing, useless president interested in all the perks but none of the responsibilities), I guess this is about as low as we can go. We can only hope.