Friday, May 14, 2004

300 iraqi prisoners released

I found it interesting that General Miller claims that 300-400 prisoners are released or transferred to Iraqi authorities every week. Is this true? How many were released or transferred last week? The week before? If this is true, how are the releases this week and next supposed to "thin out" the population, as Rumsfeld apparently requested?

And if Rumsfeld is asking for a thinning, then he is implicitly acknowledging that he believes many of the prisoners are being unjustly held. Right? This is a different issue than the abuse inside the prison, and couldn't be due to anything other than a systemic problem.

One more point. Apparently the question was raised to Rumsfeld whether Abu Ghraib prison should be destroyed. His position is maybe, but that the Iraqis should do it. I'm not saying he's wrong, but it does seem questionable from a public relations standpoint. Is it really preferable to have Iraqis making this symbolic act, perhaps framing it in an anti-American message? And why exactly is it better that the Iraqis do this? I mean the statement sounds good, but what is the rationale?