Saturday, May 01, 2004

flip flop and gored?

Ron Fournier details Kerry's so-called flip flops in this report about Dem fears that Kerry is getting "Gored". Once again we get another catalog of the alleged concerns about Kerry (as accused by the RNC) without any analysis or even statements of truth or falsity.

[Even more egregiously, Fournier reiterates the Gore exaggeration claims without a hint of how thoroughly debunked those claims have been. Fournier mentions the "Love Story" incident, saying Gore had admitted wrong-doing and blamed a "miscommunication". This is a gross distortion of the facts--Gore had simply repeated what had been in an interview published in a newspaper--it was the newspaper that got it wrong, saying that both Gore and his wife were models when in fact it was only Gore himself.]

Fournier's actually only catalogs two Kerry "missteps", making the argument of the article pretty thin. Fournier does provide some interesting information about the Rove attack machine (Sunday the machine goes into overdrive for the next week). But he spends much more time discussing Dem fears that Kerry is falling into the same trap, while at the same time detailing conflicts among Kerry's campaign management.

The article feels like a real stretch to make a point.