Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Josh Marshall notes that the Plame investigator, Patrick Fitzgerald, has a history of going after this White House. That may be true, but it really begs the question why was he chosen?

We (those of us less than enamored of the Bush crowd) talk pretty freely about this administration's ready willingness to shunt responsibility onto anyone else, shut down criticism, and generally play every dirty trick in the book to stay in power. This administration has given us chapter and verse on how to brazenly stack every deck in sight.

So why put Fitzgerald in charge of the most potentially damaging investigation on the books--the one that is quite likely to end in criminal indictments? Who did appoint Fitzgerald, and under what circumstances? I'll check into this and report back later.

(metanote: I can see if I keep on with blogging I'm going to have to start minding my metaphors. And my alliteration.)

(...should have said "hackneyed metaphors" but why ruin the joke in favor of versimillitude?)